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Moving Forward with Love and Determination

Abortion Care Network
4 min readJun 24, 2022

Today, The Supreme Court released a decision overturning Roe v. Wade, decimating the right to abortion in the United States, fundamentally changing the definition of liberty and privacy in this country, and opening the door for states to ban or further restrict abortion. While we don’t yet know what this decision means for each state, for each independent abortion clinic, or for each person in need of abortion care now or in the future, we know that more than half the states in the US are poised to completely ban or severely restrict abortion. Today’s decision is a violation of our human rights and undoubtedly signals an escalating public health crisis.

We know that this will be a confusing and chaotic time. In lockstep with independent clinics, abortion funds, practical support networks, and our partners at, we will do everything we can to share what we know about where you can still get abortion care. You can still get an abortion in the US. Find a clinic and help accessing care at, or text 202–883–4620 to find a clinic near you

Many of us have never known a world without the protections of Roe — and yet because of abortion bans, restrictions, and the continued onslaught of political and physical violence against providers, we have also never known a world in which the full promise of Roe was actually available to us. Some of us are here because we were able to have abortions (or our mothers, elders, partners or other loved ones were). All of us do this work because we know that liberation means that every person has sovereignty over their own bodies.

We all deserve so much better. While no one should have to travel farther, wait longer than they want, or navigate politically-imposed barriers to get abortion care, a compassionate, brave, resolute network of abortion experts exists. We are ready to help you get the care you need. You can find a clinic here, find an abortion fund here, and donate to help clinics stay open here.

The decision is both heartbreakingly painful and not shocking. The United States was built on reproductive control, and the movement to ban abortion has its roots firmly planted in racism, sexism, and so many other systems of interlocking oppression. While we are honored to be among those working towards a different, liberated future, we are not ignorant to the daily continued harm done by our country’s legacy of white supremacy, colonization, slavery, and misogyny. Today’s decision comes in the midst of continued violence and devastation to communities across the country: police violence against Black people, gun violence committed by white supremacists, continued attacks on queer and trans youth and so much more.

Abortion Care Network is committed to building a future where every person can get abortion care when and where they need it. We envision a world where decisions about pregnancy, sex, and parenting are met with trust, love, and support. The fight for bodily autonomy under a government that proclaims that we do not have the right to privacy, the liberty to govern our own bodies or our own lives is a generational one. It must also be an intersectional one, and we need you to be a part of it. That means working together not only to ensure that every person who needs an abortion can get the care they need, but also to undo racism and white supremacy, to protect queer and trans kids, to combat and call out violence at the hands of the state against our most marginalized communities, and to work towards a world in which everyone has what they need to thrive. That means we don’t leave anyone behind; we are stronger together and we are only liberated when each of us is free.

Our hearts are broken today, but we come to this work with love and determination, and we will move forward the same way:

If you have had an abortion, you are loved.

To those who provide abortion care — counselors, clinicians, call center staff, admins, midwives, and more — you are the most courageous, compassionate, ethical people we know.

To the people funding abortions, providing practical support, escorting patients, fighting for our rights in courts and statehouses, conducting one rigorous research study after another: thank you for working relentlessly and with such love.

To the activists, advocates, and artists who help us laugh, cry, rage, act, and find each other: thank you for holding us and moving us.

If you aren’t already in the fight for abortion liberation: join us. You can sit with us.

To donate to keep independent clinics open: www.KeepOurClinics.orgTo find an abortion clinic or fund:



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