Independent clinics are still here - and they need you.

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4 min readMay 3, 2022


Statement from Abortion Care Network following the leaked draft decision from the Supreme Court that shows intent to annihilate the constitutional right to abortion access

The Supreme Court has shown their cards, and while this leaked draft is not the Court’s final opinion, any decision that further erodes the right to abortion is an attack on the rights, dignity, and humanity of independent abortion care providers, patients, and their communities.

Here is what we know: abortion remains legal and independent abortion clinics are open and caring for patients. Do not be deterred: you can still get the abortion care you need, and help is available. We all deserve better — every person should be able to get the abortion care they need on their own timeline, in their own community, and with all the support they want. Today, we are focused on working with independent clinics and encouraging the public to support them, as they work tenaciously and compassionately to provide care to 3 out of every 5 people who receive abortion care in the US.

This news — on top of the flood of bans and restrictions we’ve seen over the past year — is devastating and enraging. Abortion access and bodily autonomy has been systematically under attack in this country for decades. If the Supreme Court moves forward with this draft decision, it will be exponentially harder for people to get the care they need and deserve.

Abortion Care Network is committed to building a future where every person can get an abortion when and where they need it. We envision a world where decisions about pregnancy, sex, and parenting are met with trust, love, and support. We know every independent clinic will continue to work hard to provide care to their communities, and ACN is resolute in our work to support those clinics, providers, and the people who rely on them for care.

Yesterday, we learned that the majority of the Supreme Court justices could be poised to willfully ignore medical facts, their own precedent, and the dignity and humanity of people seeking abortion care. In the face of their disregard, it is important for us to affirm:

You can still get an abortion.

It’s not always clear if, where, and how to get an abortion. Abortion is still legal and no matter what barriers you’re facing, you have the right to an abortion. Independent abortion clinics and abortion funds are there to help you get the care you need. To find an abortion clinic or fund, go to:

Every person should be able to access the care they need to create the families they dream of.

This fight continues: hundreds of abortion bans and restrictions already make it too difficult for people to access abortion across the US. Any decision to roll back abortion rights will only multiply that harm, as more than half the states in the country will likely move to ban or further restrict abortion if the court weakens or overturns Roe v Wade.

Abortion care should be available to anyone who needs it, wherever they live and whoever they are. That means protecting and supporting clinics.

Abortion bans and restrictions make it too hard for clinics to stay open and for patients to get care. When independent clinics close, entire communities lose access to essential reproductive health care services, including abortion. When there are fewer clinics, patients have to drive long distances, pay more out of pocket, take time off from work, find childcare, and navigate politically-imposed hurdles to get care. Communities need clinics, and people need more access to health care, not less.

Making true access a reality means supporting clinics so that they can provide care, treating abortion providers like other health care providers, and ending the harassment that anti-abortion picketers bring to the sidewalks outside clinics.

Independent clinics have a history of fighting for patient access — from their communities and states to the Supreme court.

Independent abortion clinics across the country have fought hard to ensure that people can access abortion in their states. Jackson Women’s Health Organization in Mississippi, Whole Woman’s Health in Texas, Hope Medical Group in Louisiana, and EMW Women’s Surgical Center in Kentucky have all taken the fight for abortion rights to the Supreme Court in the last six years alone.

Independent clinics are resilient. We know they will continue to do everything they can to stay open and provide compassionate, patient-centered care in their communities. But they need our support.



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