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Abortion access should never be politicized — our communities agree abortion should be accessible.

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For the first time since guaranteed abortion access was declared no longer a constitutional right in the US we’ve had a major, multi-state election with abortion on the ballot in multiple states.

These results do not immediately change the status of abortion access in any state. But, they signal important and widespread support for abortion access. Despite abortion access being a popular issue, abortion access should never have to be on the ballot. Abortion should be accessible, and all abortion care should be an independent choice that a pregnant person makes with the support they need. Voters continue to affirm abortion access in their states, and politicians should defer to healthcare providers to give their communities what they need, rather than politicize abortion care.

Abortion access should never be decided by the few for the many — abortion access should be a fundamental human right that is accessible to all people, regardless of zip code. Abortion Care Network is committed to supporting abortion providers to ensure that abortion is available in all 50 states and US territories, to all who need it, on the timeline that works best for them with no barriers to care.

Ballot measures protecting abortion access won in California, Michigan, Vermont, Montana, and Kentucky. ACN members provide essential access to abortion care in each of these states. ACN members are on the frontlines of states where abortion access is under threat of being criminalized and ensuring that abortion access remains available in states where abortion is protected.

“It has been a year of unrelenting challenges. Still, no matter the obstacles independent providers face, they will not back down from working to create a world where everyone can make decisions about their lives and their bodies and has the care of a great provider in their community. From ballot measures to courtrooms, independent abortion care providers are leading efforts to protect abortion care in every state and these election results prove again that the voters are with us,” said Nikki Madsen, Executive Director of the Abortion Care Network.

“Despite abortion access being a winning issue, access to abortion care should not be politicized. All people, pregnant or not, should be trusted to have bodily autonomy — to make decisions about their futures and their lives without political interference. Abortion access is a human right. We need a future where the United States is in alignment with human rights and healthcare access is a guaranteed right for all, with access to abortion that is not dependent on zip code, income, race, or ability. Abortion care should be available to all who need it, from trusted, community-based providers, on the timeline that is right for them. ACN supports all our member clinics who have been on the front lines of providing abortion care, in courtrooms, and statehouses, working to ensure that abortion care is available for not just their communities, but all that need it.” said Erin Grant, Deputy Director of the Abortion Care Network.

“Yesterday, Kentucky voters rejected amendment 2, which would have paved the way for a permanent ban on abortion in our state. Guided by their individual beliefs, values and circumstances, people in Kentucky seek abortions for a variety of medically complex and deeply personal reasons. With this vote, the people of Kentucky showed great care and respect for each other and sent a clear message to lawmakers: that they trust each person to decide what’s best for themselves and their families.

Today, because of two separate laws, abortion remains banned in Kentucky; anyone who needs abortion care must travel out of state. EMW Women’s Surgical Center is actively challenging both of these bans in court, and the defeat of amendment 2 means that we can go on to fight for the rights, freedom, and equality of everyone in the state.

Our health and how we create our families are private decisions — decisions that we as people of faith and abortion care providers trust each person to make for themselves. We are grateful today that the people of Kentucky protected the right to make critical decisions about their health, bodies, lives and futures,” said Dr. Ernest Marshall & Ona Marshall of EMW Women’s Surgical Center and Kentucky Reproductive Freedom Fund.

“Yesterday, voters showed up in force to protect reproductive freedom in Michigan by passing proposal 3. This is a victory for everyone in our state, and with the whole country watching. The message is clear: the people of Michigan trust each other to make the decisions that are best for themselves and their families, and we believe everyone deserves access to the reproductive health care they need.

I want to thank all of our coalition partners and everyone who worked on this campaign. Michiganders showed up, signed petitions in record numbers, and voted to protect abortion and reproductive rights in the state constitution. We are extremely proud to have been a part of this effort for the last two years.

Despite the numerous lies and misinformation spread by opponents of proposal 3, reproductive freedom prevailed on election day. At Northland Family Planning, we are committed to making those rights a reality, and we will continue to provide abortion services, just as we have since we opened in 1976,” said Renee Chelian, Founder of Northland Family Planning.

“We are grateful the voters of Montana rejected this heartless initiative. The people of Montana have spoken, and we refuse to let politicians interfere with the deeply personal decisions made within families and the private relationships between healthcare providers and their patients. Had LR 131 passed, it would have mandated aggressive medical treatment for newborns born before viability or with medical conditions incompatible with life — regardless of the wishes of the family and despite the fact that no amount of medical intervention could have saved their lives. Government mandated medical intervention would only prolong suffering and severely disrupt a family’s grieving process. From the start, LR 131 was a harmful political maneuver designed to confuse and agitate voters. Montanans saw through that ruse and voted for compassion and for keeping politicians out of deeply personal medical decision making,” said Helen Weems, FNP, APRN, Owner and Director of All Families Healthcare.

“Today we celebrate a milestone victory for Reproductive Rights in Michigan. The passing of Proposal 3 announces to the nation that in Michigan, important reproductive decisions will be made by the people who know best — the women and families of our great state. Despite campaigns of lies and misinformation by opponents of Proposal 3, Michiganders turned out to make this common sense decision.

We at Scotsdale Women’s Center applaud our citizens for making their voices heard, and we thank the many advocates who made this victory possible. We will continue in our commitment to providing safe reproductive care, just as we have since 1976,” said Sam Mills, Executive Director, Scotsdale Women’s Center

“By defeating LR 131, Montanans showed that we will not allow an extremist political agenda to dictate personal healthcare decisions. Blue Mountain Clinic is proud of the statewide collaboration which centered the stories of Montana families who had faced tragic situations of infant loss. We worked closely with healthcare providers to inform the public of the harmful effects of this proposed law. As we continue the work of advocating for our patients’ constitutional right to make private medical decisions, we turn our attention to protecting access to abortion care in our state. Montanans will not be manipulated by extremist politicians that seek to stigmatize and restrict access to essential, life-saving, and life-affirming healthcare,” said Nicole K. Smith, PhD, MPH, Executive Director, Blue Mountain Clinic.

People needing to find an abortion clinic can visit www.Ineedana.org, a private, free website that helps pregnant people find the nearest open clinic and connects them with funding and other resources.



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